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The LW 100 ECO compressors are lightweight, reliable and ideal for mobile use. They are made of 100% proven elements from our successful LW 100 series. The main components such as e.g. Motor, compressor block, filter system and filling device are used completely from this series. The steel piston rings in the compressor stages provide long term consistent delivery performance (fill time).

Made in Germany.
Electro motor (E-Motor / 230V / 1 Phase / 50Hz)
Power cable with plug
Start/Stop Switch
Aluminium frame
Manual condensate drain
Pressure maintaining and non return valve
1x Filling hose c/w filling valve and pressure gauge
Intermediate coolers
Oil- / Water separators after 2nd and 3rd stage
Safety valves after for each stage
All pistons with piston rings
Filling pressure to your choice (200 or 300 bar)
Connections to your choice
(DIN 200 bar or 300 bar, CGA 200 bar or 300 bar and INT)
Breathing air purification an accordance to EN 12021



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