ID: 110 Cod: DANEUO2DIN477
4199.00 LEI
4.11900 LEI

Trusa medicala administrare Oxigen (marca DAN Europe)

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Trusa administrare Oxigen. Cilindru capacitate: 2.5l (presiune 200bar), Conexiune: DIN477, Administrare la 2-3 pacienti simultan.
This unit can provide oxygen to 2 divers simultaneously and has the option to connect an extra demand valve making it possible to deliver oxygen to 3 divers or to 2 divers using the demand system only. The demand valve is the preferred oxygen delivery system as it provides the highest concentration of oxygen and no oxygen is wasted.

N. 1 Waterproof "DAN Oxygen Unit" case (for a 43cm cylinder)
N. 1 Oxygen on Board Sticker
N. 1 DIN 477 Medical Oxygen cylinder (empty)
N. 1 DAN Demand valve with white hose
N. 1 DAN Oronasal Resuscitation MASK
N. 1 Tru-Fit Mask
N. 1 Non-Rebreather Mask
N. 1 DIN 477 Multifunction Oxygen Regulator (CE version)


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