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Maska Integrata Sport OceanReef Gdivers

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The GDivers series IDM (Integrated Diving Mask) is the perfect mask for the sport diver.
Suitable to start diving (proper training required of course) or for an already passionate diver, the GDivers is the perfect first stepinto the IDM, Full Face Masks world, without having to compromise in the quality of the product, with endless possibilities of customization, whenever desired.

Cold water certified, balanced, on demand, integrated regulator.
Polycarbonate visor (siloxane double coated for scratch resistance).
Exhaust/draining valve.
2 year warranty.
6 point harness for secure and comfortable fit on the head.

A fully customizable product that can serve all your needs and grow with your preferences thanks to a full line of accessories that can be integrated at any time with your mask.

YOU GET PLENTY WITH YOUR GDIVERS It comes with A shoulder bag. Warranty Registration – 2 year warranty Equalisation plugs set. 3 sizes. Screwdriver. Standard Hose. Stickers to show off you’re an OCEAN REEF addicted.
FFM/IDM & UW Comms

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Apertometer: competitor comparison with our field of view.
Visor treating: the importance of having scratch resistance inside and outside means that, while an outside scratch on underwater equipment is a minor problem (the water will fill the scratch and you won’t be able to tell it’s there), an inner scratch will be very visible, also once underwater. Thus, OCEAN REEF IDMs, the only Full Face Masks with coating on the market, highly reduce the possibility you will ruin and need to swap your visor.

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