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The Arctic X-Nine is currently the warmest and most agile undersuit on the market. The combination of two layers of Tecnostretch with an additional 400 Type B Thinsulate™ filling in the torso area ensures previously
unattained insulation values. Tecnostretch is made my
Pontetorto and is a fabric that offers high elasticity and
thermal insulation. It has a light, soft jersey structure
that is very comfortable to wear.

Thinsulate™ also has extremely high insulation values compared to similar materials, is breathable and moisture-resistant. The combination of these two materials promises not only a particularly high level of protection against the cold, but also a very high level of comfort. The suit emerged from a joint project with 3M™ Germany and has been carefully developed. Both layers of material are sewn separately to achieve maximum insulation values. The result: a highly comfortable, extremely flexible, breathable and washable undersuit based on the sandwich principle.

Due to the high level of comfort, paired with extremely
good insulation properties, the Arctic X-Nine is the ideal
companion under a trilaminate dry suit.

In addition, it is particularly suitable for diving in particularly cold waters, as the protection against the cold is so high thanks to the special combination of materials.

Pontetorto and 3M™ are European companies and
therefore fit particularly well with the quality standards of SCUBA FORCE. It is important to us that we not only  produce in accordance with European guidelines, but that we also pay attention to sustainability in the manufacturing and process flows.

Made oft wo layers of Tecnostretch fleece material; 400 Type B Thinsulate™ filling in the torso, 200
Type B Thinsulate™ filling in arm and leg area; Solid two-way zipper; IInsulation capacity: very high;
bi-elastic fleece, wind repellent; washable
Sizes (UNISEX): XXS; XS; S; M; ML; L; LL; XLS; XL; 2XL; 3XL.

A total of four pockets; on the right upper arm; chest pocket left; Two hand pockets in the leg area;
Loops on arms and legs to help you put them on.

Pee valve and heating lead-through in optimal position; Reinforcements in the knee and elbow area
to increase insulation; Delivery in a dry bag (ideal for transport).

Thinsulate is a microfiber fabric developed by 3M that scores
particularly well with its good insulation properties.
A quick look at its history shows that this fleece fabric has already proven itself for decades. As early as the 1960s, 3M was experimenting with microfibers. In the course of the 1990s, 3M expanded the Thinsulate insulation product family and has since stood for a variety of materials that are used in a wide range, from
occupational safety to sports and fashion. This product family has
proven itself to this day, especially as lining materials in winter
clothing and sleeping bags and as a material for hats, balaclavas
and gloves.
Thinsulate insulation consists of polyester or a mixture of polyester and polypropylene, depending on the material variant.The special thing about Thinsulate is that the material consists of significantly smaller fibers than conventional polyester materials. With a diameter of around 15 micrometers, Thinsulate fibers are around ten times smaller than other synthetic fibers. For this reason, these fibers can be processed with a very high density. This tight structure reduces the flow of heat between the individual fibers. As a result, the body heat is reflected back from the fibers and the material keeps you warm even at low temperatures.
According to the manufacturer, Thinsulate should offer 1.5 times as much warmth as down, for example with the same thickness.
In addition, the material is breathable and moisture-repellent.

Category B Thinsulate is used in our top model, the X-NINE.
This material, which was originally developed for the shoe sector, offers excellent insulation properties with high pressure resistance. Of course, the internal pressure in a drysuit corresponds to the
external pressure, but especially in the areas of the chest, thighs
and knees, pressure loads occur when the water position is

Thinsulate Type B can withstand these loads without any
problems and continues to offer the best insulation properties.

Type B is stronger than other Thinsulate types and therefore offers
better tear resistance. A factor that plays a major role, especially
when it comes to washing.
The combination of TECNOSTRETCH fleece and original
THINSULATE Type B make the X-Nine one of the most comfortable and warmes undergarments ever.

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