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Kit garnituri - 1000 bucati in 16 marimi diferite.

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The ultimate in a “save-a-dive” kit. 16 different size “O” rings and it includes two picks. Packaged in a compartmentalized case with a size key to help identify which “O” ring is needed.
Sizes include O rings for Pressure Gauge swivels and hoses to Tank Neck “O” ring.

Viton and NBR “O” rings

Nitrile / NBR usage:
NBR is the standard material for hydraulics and pneumatics. NBR resists oil-based hydraulic fluids, fats, animal and vegetable oils, flame retardant liquids (HFA, HFB, HFC), grease, water, and air.  Most common material in the scuba industry.

Viton O-rings
Have been used safely for some time in SCUBA diving by divers using gas blends referred to as Nitrox. Viton is used because it has a lower probability of catching fire, even with the increased percentages of oxygen found in Nitrox. It is also less susceptible to decay under increased oxygen conditions

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