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Analizator de gaze: O2 (oxigen) & He (Helium), perfect pentru planificarea scufundarilor tehnice atat locale cat si in expeditii.

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Analizoare gaze
The ATA Pro is a compact trimix analyzer offering oxygen, helium and balance gas readings in one compact box. With the ability to zero and span the helium sensor as well as oxygen compensation allowing for a more accurate helium reading the ATA Pro is designed to offer the highest levels of accuracy - something which is of utmost importance when pushing the boundaries of standard scuba diving.

Analyser specification:

Analyser type: Portable
Power: 1 x AA battery
Display: 3 Digit LCD
Operating temperature: 0 to 50¡C/32 to 122¡F
Storage temperature: -5 to 50¡C/23 to 122¡F
Pressure: Atmospheric pressure dependence
0.1% of reading per mbar
Dimensions: 195(l) x 130(w) x 62(d) mm
7.28(l) x 5.12(w) x 2.5(d) inches
Weight: 0.4kg (400 gram)

Warranty: 2 years electronics

Sensor Specifications:

Gas detected: Oxygen and helium
Mode of operation: Electrochemical and pellistor
Range: 0 to 100% O2, 0 to 100% He
Accuracy O2: ± 1% of reading and ± 0.2% of O2 at STP
Accuracy He: ± 1% of full scale at STP
Resolution: 0.1%
Response time: 90% in less than 15 seconds
Warm up time: <15 seconds
Expected life: Oxygen - 4 years
Helium - 10 years
Warranty: Oxygen - 36 month graded warranty
Helium - 1 year

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